by ill wind

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Soon to be released on cassette and vinyl.
Looking for more labels to co-release. Please contact us


released May 26, 2016




ill wind Zagreb, Croatia

ill wind is a hc/punk band from Zagreb croatia.
Against capitalist, nationalist, sexist, macho bullshit.
Always happy to play for some gas money, drinks and hot veg meal

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Track Name: sick, tired and spent
Long days that start with a painfull stomach
and a desperate wish to be anywhere but here
Same old streets i passed a million times
is there a way to escape this life

somethings in our life
will never feel right

time passes, life doesnt wait
sometimes it feels like its already late

So many things, so many dreams
we never tought of giving in
Track Name: early mornings, broken spirits
we get up tired
we lie down the same
with scars and bruises
with painfull hands
whatever we do makes no sense

we get up tired
we get no rest
forever breakdowns
forever wrecks
whatever we try turns out bad

ill take anywhere but here
ill take anything but this
Track Name: and we go on
somehow you're still on your feet
you seem suprised
you cant belive your eyes
Somewhere, somebody feels the same
i know, i'll always take the blame

dont you, dont you,
dont you ever make me feel like this
Track Name: walking away
Changing places
your troubles you will find
just where you left them
there's no place to hide

if you just held your breath
if you would stop to run
maybe you would see
someone standing on your side
maybe you would see
all the difference

always running
but we dont know where to
Track Name: ill wind
just stay at home
never open the door
do not touch the phone
lie broken on the floor
pull the curtains on
dont let sunlight fill the room

there's some ill winds blowing
Track Name: losing ground
you reach out
you lose ground
there never was
a way around

there is no
cover from this wind
and when it blows
it goes right trough your bones

how can we
live this life
this cold is
wearing me down

i tell myself
that im allright
i tell myself
a lot of lies
Track Name: we try we fail
when did we
fall out of pace
your every word
seems so out of place

i'll do my best
to be the worst
i hope you know
how much it hurts